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  • Image of BWPrybar
  • Image of BWPrybar

Made from a 1/4" thick slab of brass, these prybars are suited for pretty much anything you can throw at them.

Measuring roughly 4.5" long, 0.5" wide, and 1/4" thick, these are stout and hefty. The perfect size and weight.

Each one is hand made so the dimensions can vary slightly.

I currently have two versions, one with the cap lifter on the pry end and one on the opposite end. Each one comes in either a forced patina finish or you can elect to have it in the raw.

My wife thought it would be cute to put the cap lifter facing left on some of them so you guys can make hearts out them them so if that's your thing, knock yourself out.

Each one will come with a certificate of authenticity and will be stamped "BW" on the front.

Since each one is hand made, please expect a few days between ordering and shipping.

Note for International buyers ... BigCartel requires me calculate shipping for every separate country so what I'm going to do instead is charge $15 and I'll just do a refund for the difference in actual shipping. If you know of a better way please let me know.

And as always, thank you for your support!

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