• Image of BWSAKLIFTER

I want to give a shout-out to @johisey for coming up with the idea for these.

Photo credit for the first one goes to the very talented @res_edc.

For those that don't know, these are the scales that I use for my custom builds.

The majority of these are blems. Some will have a scratch on them somewhere or serial numbers stamped on the back. I wanted to make them as authentic as possible so I made sure to drill out the pivot holes and even countersunk them just like I would on a normal build. I did turn the bottom pivot into a lanyard hole which is obviously not factory.

As you can see, some have the cross cutout and some have the 1/4" hex. Make sure you're paying attention to this when you order so you get exactly what you want.

I also apologize for the second photo ... I thought I got a few good ones when I had these out the other day but the others ones did not turn out like I wanted. I'll try to get some uploaded from my phone as soon as I can.

Note that Alox is a very soft material. I do not recommend actually opening a bottle with them. I tried it and it works really well but I can't guarantee how long they will last if you use them.

The Alox scales will only be $15 since they are more decorative than functional.

** International shipping notice. Big Cartel doesn't automatically populate shipping costs like eBay or other sites do. Because of this, I'm listing shipping as a flat $15 and will then refund whatever the difference comes out to. For example, shipping to Switzerland is around $13. I ship everything First Class which includes tracking. If you would rather not have tracking for your international orders, let me know in the order notes and I'll see what I can do.