• Image of BW Sticker Pack

I've had some people ask if they can get a sticker or two from me so I decided to put a few in a pack together and make them available to you guys.

The small black ones are lapel pins, not stickers, and they are awesome!

In this pack you'll get:

* A Brasswerx sticker from my January knife release. 3" x 3" (printed by StickerMule)

* My new crown logo sticker. 3" x 1.5" (printed by @everydaycolton)

* 4" prybar sticker (printed by @everydaycolton)

* 2" round classic Brasswerx sticker (printed by @everydaycolton)

* 1.25" lapel pin with new Brasswerx crown logo (made by Stickermule)

* I also found a couple of my old Brasswerx Texas stickers so I'll put one of those in the first 5 packs sold!

I'm listing this pack for $10 which makes everything $2 each. They are all very high quality vinyl stickers that you can safely put in a high use environment. I use my workbench to test the durability of these and they get wet, acid spilled on them, tools always rubbing against them, and whatever else is thrown on the workbench. They all still look perfect. You can see them in the majority of my IG stories where I'm showing off that night's SAK build. Just look at the workbench behind the knife and you'll see them all stuck there.

Please note that I ship my crown sticker in every purchase and I will include a prybar sticker in every prybar purchase. You don't have to purchase this sticker pack if you're already buying something and you only want the red crown sticker.

Also note that I'm currently waiting on more crown stickers (they will be here in just a couple days) so there will be a slight delay in getting these shipped out.

I will try to make international shipping as cheap as possible. I have to charge a flat amount but I will refund whatever the difference is between the $15 I'm charging and whatever it actually costs.