• Image of BWCenterBrass - Dark Copper

Custom copper CenterBrass with a nice dark patina.

NOTE: ONLY the CenterBrass is included. Nothing else in the photo is part of this listing. Not the beads, not the knives, or the hank.

And now, on to the product description...

My latest tool is more of a toy than a tool but it's something I've been working on for quite a while. This is meant to be a statement that you can use to show off your love for the Second Amendment and your love for the hobby. We have been shooting at targets for hundreds of years and now you can finally take one with you in your daily EDC kit.

These measure 2.75" long, 1.5" wide, and a solid 1/4" thick. And they are beefy! When you've got this much brass or copper in your pocket you'll know it. And while these aren't intended to be knucks, you can most certainly use them like you would a roll of quarters. I'm not going to recommend that you smash any skulls with these, but they would definitely do well if you ever need to put someone's attitude in check. Or if you'd like something a little lighter than an anchor from a battleship, they also come in titanium. The target zones are milled, not engraved with a laser, and it will be apparent as soon as you put one of these in your hand that quality was the number one priority when making these.

I didn't want these to be completely for show so I did add a 1/4" wrench to them. Perfect for some extra torque on your screwdriver bits (Leatherman bits fit great also) or you can use it as a lanyard attachment point. Quick tip, my BW45Bead looks amazing when paired with these...

I ship these in an Altoids-style tin with a short .45 ACP bead on a lanyard. They also come with a maker's card.

Since I made these the same size as my BWMudder they fit great inside my leather sheaths (aka the BWGarage).

And as always, thank you guys for your support. The EDC and shooting communities are made of the absolute best people!

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