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My buddies and I have a monthly poker game where the bets are done using silver change (quarters, dimes, and nickels). This keeps the betting low but also gives us the ability to really raise the stakes when we want.

The role of the dealer is passed to the next person after each game and the dealer picks the game we play. We'll play anything from the default Texas Hold'em to 5 Card Draw, 7 Card, Mexican Sweat, Omaha, or whatever else the dealer comes up with.

Capable of holding $10.50 in Quarters, Dimes, and Nickels, I designed this to serve a multitude of roles. I can either use it as a place to keep my winnings separate from my starting pile, or a place to slowly watch my money disappear into everyone else's piles.

Josh from FJ Designs did the CAD work for these and I hit up Rick from ZeroFeud to do the machining and I owe a huge thanks to both of them. I love how these came out!

To start off, I'm offering these in 6061 Aluminum and if these do well I would love to see them in brass and perhaps copper as well.

You have an option between straight off the milling machine with a slightly brushed finish (visible in the first photo) or a blasted and tumbled finish (front right of the second photo). The first option leaves the aluminum with a very bright finish whereas the blasted and tumbled is much darker, almost like something you'd find in an antique store. Also note that the BRASSWERX logo will be slightly different than pictured in the final product.

Thank you to everyone that gets in on one of these. I have had this idea for months now and I'm excited to finally hold one in my hands! I may be a bit biased but I 100% love how these came out and I know you will, too.

These will come with a certificate of authenticity as well as a custom Brasswerx sticker.

Note for international orders, I have to charge a flat rate for shipping and will then reimburse you the difference. So far, most places are only about $15 but I'm going to charge $20 just in case. I'll get the rest back to you when they ship and I know the actual amount. I realize this is inconvenient but it's the only way I can do it right now.

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