• Image of BWSAK Lifter - January 2019 Edition - PREORDER

Starting January of 2019, I'm going to do a different set of scales every month for my custom Swiss Army knives. These will only be available for that month and then I'll move on to the next design.

If you're not aware, I also make some of my scales into cap lifters, or bottle openers as some know them. I call these SAK Lifters. This item is for the SAK Lifters using the January scale design. This is not a knife, but only the cross scale from one. I'm not going to promise that these will be available every month but I'm at least going to make them available for the very first release.

Back in January of 2018, Log and Jotter released a topological cover for their notebooks. I was hooked and immediately bought a TAD RUT with the topological laser engravings. Once it came in I decided that I need to do that to my Swiss Army Knife scales as well. A few months later I had the design and a few months after that I had the actual scales in my hand and man, they are nice! I could not be happier with them. It's taken me a few months to decide what to do with them and then I had this great idea ... why not have a different design every month? That gives me the artistic freedom for my releases and it gives a bit of structure and organization to the drops. Once a month, a different design, do it on a pre-order so I know exactly how much stock and materials to order. It also gives you guys the ability to build a collection or to get something that is special to you. I own a Jeep and topological maps are a tool we can't live without. That's exactly why I'm starting with that design next year. I'm ready to start a new journey and with each journey, you need a way to map it out. I hope you guys are excited about this as I am. Each month is going to be a surprise but just know that I have some makers already excited to be a part of this and I have some really great ideas for each month. I'll drop a little hint for those that are paying attention ... not every month will be titanium ... custom copper scales are coming in a few months....

In addition, each product sold will come with a sticker that will also be unique to that month. You can see the January sticker in the photo.

** A few things to note:

This is a pre-order for a January release. I will only be able to accept orders until the end of November.

I'm going to apologize up front for this, but I will not lie on a customs form or create a fake one. I will use the proper amount of the item. Please note this if you are ordering from a country with high customs fees.

This website, BigCartel, doesn't have an easy way to calculate shipping for every country so I'm going to list it at a flat rate. If your shipping is below that amount, I will refund the difference back to you.

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