• Image of BWSAK - Swiss Army Knife
  • Image of BWSAK - Swiss Army Knife
  • Image of BWSAK - Swiss Army Knife

***** NOTE *****
If you see an item available below, it is for an already paid order. Please do not purchase it.

To place an order, use the Contact link above and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. If possible, please include the type of knife you want (Pioneer, Pioneer X, Farmer, Electrician, etc).

The pricing structure is as follow:
* Factory polished tools = $150
* Stonewashed tools are $30 more due to acid etching, stonewashing, and resharpening
* Pocket clips are an additional $10
* Brass liners are also an additional $10 per liner
* Key rings (available in stainless and brass) for knives that do not include them (like the Electrician): $5


A special thanks to the following guys for allowing me to use their photos on this site:



As of right now, I'm only making 93mm knives. This is the Pioneer, Pioneer X, Farmer, Electrician, etc. If you are looking for a smaller knife like the 58mm, 84mm, or a 91mm here are a few amazing guys. If you make custom SAKs and aren't on the list please let me know so I can get you added.

* instagram.com/sakcustom58mm
* instagram.com/decustomforge

84mm (includes the Cadet)
* instagram.com/beaver_bladeworks
* instagram.com/davizblack
* instagram.com/jay.loden.edc

* instagram.com/robertjlessard
* instagram.com/decustomforge
* instagram.com/rain.z_knives

91mm scales
* instagram.com/mr.decaffeinato
* instagram.com/woro_knives
* instagram.com/swissbianco


I have wanted to make these for a long time now. I made one forever ago using the factory Alox scales but being able to make them with titanium scales is a completely different experience.

I start with a standard 93mm Alox Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and I remove the factory scales, drill out the pivot holes, and reassemble them with larger pivots and T8 torx screws.

Right now, I'm only offering them in the factory configurations. The tools are manufactured to fit together in a specific way and right now I'm not sure which tools work well with others on the same layer. After I get to spend a little more time with these I hope to be able to offer complete customs. If you're looking for a true custom with beautiful brass liners and all the works, check out sakmodder.com (make sure to visit his Contact page for his Instagram, Youtube, etc).

To get on my books please use the Contact form above to start a discussion with me about your new custom.

The lead time on these is around 8 weeks from order to delivery.

If you're not sure which tools are included with each model, a great place to check out is sakwiki.com. Look under the 93mm section and you'll find a link to each configuration. Another good resource is smartknives.com. It has a few broken links but a little googling, common sense, and altering of the URL will help you get past some of those.

These will come with a certificate of authenticity. The inside of each scale is also stamped with a matching serial number that will also be printed on the COA. US shipping will be in a small Flat Rate box.

And as always, thank you for your support!

** A few things to note:

I'm going to apologize up front for this, but I will not lie on a customs form or create a fake one. I will use the proper amount of the item. Please note this if you are ordering from a country with high customs fees.

While these knives are assembled with removable screws, I do not encourage taking them apart. They are held together with a lot of tension and it's very difficult to reassemble. I use blue Loctite to make sure the screws don't come loose during use. If you do take it apart and cannot reassemble it yourself, just send it back and I'll be glad to reassemble it for you.

The tools in some of these knives sit very close to each other. If you choose to have your tools stonewashed, it's possible that the tools will rub against each other and cause wear spots. While this doesn't interfere with the operation of the knife, it does interfere with the aesthetics.

I use washers between the stainless tools and the titanium scales. Like every other knife in your collection, there will be a small gap between the tools and the scales.