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Few knives and some gear for sale.

Nothing comes in a box unless noted.

More photos available here:

Free shipping to the US.
International shipping is a little extra.
I have to charge a set amount on here but I'll refund the difference.
I have to set it high since there are big items in here. I really hate how this site does its shipping.

If you are international and you want insurance let me know. If it comes to more than the $50 set below I'll get with you for the difference.

SOLD / 1. Olight 1R EOS: Few scratches - $13 shipped

SOLD / 2. Lumintop EDC01: Few scratches - $5 shipped

SOLD / 3. Olight i3E EOS (Desert Tan): $10 shipped

SOLD / 4. Olight i3T EOS (Copper): Well used with lots of patina: $20 shipped

SOLD / 5. Fellhoelter TiBolt Deluxe Tiny (Ti) - Titanium with bronzed Ti screws: $200 shipped

SOLD / 6. Fellhoelter TiBolt Tiny (Brass) - Brass with fluted barrel with Timascus tip, clip, and top. The pen has been used and I have cleaned it up the best I can: $700 shipped

SOLD / 7: Koch Tools (Ti): I forgot what this is called: $30 shipped

SOLD / 8. Rustic EDC Texas (Ti): Ti Texas with blue and green anodizing: $30 shipped

SOLD / 9. BRNLY Contra (Copper/Ti): Copper with black cerakoted Ti back - comes with original box, sticker, and patch: $200 shipped

SOLD / 10. BRNLY Contra (Micarta/Ti): Micarta with Ti back - comes with original box, sticker, and patch: $200 shipped

SOLD / 11. BRNLY 6 finger patch - Comes with rose sticker: $15 shipped

12. BRNLY Slingpop - Aluminum (Yellow) - Comes with ball pusher and original box: $200

SOLD / 13. Grayman Knives Dua (Ti) - Full Ti with S30V blade - has scratch on the blade: $250 shipped

14. Emerson CQC-7BW (Black/Black) - Comes with .45 ACP on the pocket clip - and black blade - Has a few nicks on the blade - comes with original box : $150 shipped

15. ZT Knives 0620CF with M390 blade - Comes with .45 ACP thumb disc - comes with original box - $225 shipped

16. Hinderer Knives: XM-18 3.5 Inch Spanto Harpoon Stonewashed M390 - Gray - Comes with original box - $450 shipped

SOLD / 17. Spyderco Para 3 with M390 blade & copper Flytanium scales with titanium MXG gear pocket clip - copper scales have quite a bit of patina on them: $175 shipped

SOLD / 18. Kershaw Thermite - Comes with 9mm lock bar stabilizer - Very fast deployment - Comes with original box - $15 shipped

SOLD / 19. Victorinox 2016 Limited Edition Pioneer X with damascus blade - Comes with original box. The box isn't perfect and the brass pivots on the knife are a little tarnished: $450 shipped